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Demeyere cooking with Demeyere - Pots

Demeyere applies the technical concept of each product to the specific requirements of the typical cooking processes and recipes for which the product is used.

The technical requirements of cooking, baking, stir-frying or frying are very different. The technical design and the materials used are adjusted to each type of product. Nothing is left to chance. Demeyere cookware - art and philosophy.

Demeyere John Pawson

A lasting silver-white colour and easy to clean cookware Silvinox®

Silvinox is a unique electrochemical surface treatment system that enriches the material by removing any iron and impurities from the surface.

This makes the stainless steel easy to clean, and provides a higher resistance to fingerprints, harsh detergents or strong acidic foods. The products retain their silvery-white colour, even after years of use.

Base Technologies

Cooking with Demeyere cookware is economical, especially on induction, thanks to the combination of superconductive bases, perfectly fitting lids and insulating sides.

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Demeyere saucepan

Perfect temperature control up to the edge 7-PlyMaterial®

7-PlyMaterial is a unique technology consisting of 7 alloys, including stainless steel and an aluminium core.

This technology is used for both the product's base and sides and ensures optimum heat distribution up to the very edge of the product, allowing for perfect control over the cooking process. The 7-PlyMaterial reaches up to 30% more efficiency on induction due to TriplInduc.

The total thickness of the 7 layers is designed with the necessity in mind to obtain the right temperature for the typical cooking process for which the product is used:

  • For Woks: 2.3 mm
  • For conic sauté pans, simmering pans and frying pans: 3.0 to 3.3 mm
  • For the Proline frying pans: 4.8 mm
Demeyere Cookware

Superconductive base InductoSeal® base

The InductoSeal® base consists of seven layers.

A copper disk, hermetically embedded in the base, ensures optimum heat distribution and provides a heat-conducting surface which is 33% larger than a traditional base.

InductoSeal® allows for controlled, energy-saving cooking on a low heat. The base capsule is welded to the underside of the vessel, providing excellent hygiene as water, fat or dirt cannot penetrate.

Pioneers in Induction Cookware

Even more than with other systems, the quality of the cookware is essential when cooking on induction. Thanks to the unique combination of materials and technologies, cooking on induction with Demeyere cookware is even faster, even safer, even more easily regulated and even more economical.

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Demeyere Frying Pans

Never overheat again on induction ControlInduc®

Induction cookers develop a very intense heat in a very short time. In order to maintain the ideal frying temperature, Demeyere has developed pans with ControlInduc®, a safety system that limits the maximum temperature of the frying pan to 250°C / 485°F on induction cookers.

Until about 220°C / 425°F, a product equipped with ControlInduc heats normally, but above this temperature the power of the inductors is automatically and progressively decreased by the ControlInduc® system until it stabilises between 245°C / 475°F and 250°C / 485°F.

When, for example, one puts cold or raw food in the pan, the cooking surface cools slightly. Recognising this drop in temperature, the ControlInduc® system automatically re-engages the pan with the inductors until the desired temperature is reached.

And if a ControlInduc® pan is left on the induction plate it will not overheat. Induction needs contact with a magnetic surface to create heat. The unique alloy on the base of ControlInduc® pans loses its magnetic properties above 250°C / 485°F meaning it can never overheat.

Frying Pans Non-stick Coatings

Demeyere offers you a choice from a wide range of frying pans: with or without coating. All frying pans are very user-friendly and easy to clean.

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