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Demeyere products make all the difference, partly because Demeyere adapts the cookware technology to suit the different cooking methods. Making sauces, baking, boiling, simmering or stir-frying - with Demeyere cookware all the preparations are a breeze. For this reason, Demeyere products are appreciated and recommended by both professional chefs and home cooks.

Demeyere Cookware Production

More than a 100 years made in Belgium Made in Belgium

Since its foundation in 1908, Demeyere has evolved from a Belgian family business into a global benchmark in stainless steel cookware. For over 100 years, we have been working on excellence, sustainability and innovation. With Demeyere you will enjoy the best cooking and table moments.

Demeyere John Pawson

Quality for life Quality

Demeyere is using quality materials and the most advanced technologies in the development and can ensure durable products. The quality of every product is monitored throughout the production process continuously. Not only the Demeyere warranty policy but also the many consumers confirm this quality daily.